Sunday, 21 February 2016

"Past, Present and Future"

The children based in Year 2 have been extremely busy looking into Milnthorpe’s past, present and future with KWoA community artist Nicki Smith. Nicki has also been extremely busy working throughout the school and project managing this collaborative project and has thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!

The children were lucky enough to meet their older neighbour and local historian Roger Bingham who had many tales from Milnthorpe’s local history to share. From spooky sightings at the Vicarage to an elephant in a fountain, Roger had everyone spellbound with his stories which he told on a walking tour of the village. The children then worked hard writing down their favourite local story. The children also thought about what “Landmarks” are in the village and walked around Milnthorpe to locate and photograph them. Back in school they then drew some beautiful drawings of these landmarks.

Considering the present day Milnthorpe, the children have also developing their local research digitally by creating a series of entertaining animations. Thinking about Milnthorpe in the future really inspired the children and they came up with some very inventive designs to show how the village will look when they’re older.

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