Sunday, 21 February 2016

"The Biscuit Picnic"

During this project, children based in Year 1 at Milnthorpe Primary School discovered a fascinating story which the Year 6 children had been told during their visit to the “Young at Heart” group. An older lady explained that when she was a child in WW2 she lived in Manchester.

One day when she was at school, the air raid siren went off and her class was lead by her teacher into an air raid shelter. During the bombing, heavy rocks fell against the door, trapping them inside. Fortunately, the children had a very kind teacher who made everyone feel calm. She suggested to the children that they could open the emergency tins of biscuits  and have a “Biscuit Picnic”. This kept the children distracted until help arrived and they were able to get out of the shelter.

Working with KWoA, the children considered the plot of the story and decided that the characters were the kind teacher, the children and the heroes that saved them. They also decided that if they were going to ‘play’ the story we would need emergency boxes, biscuits and shelters. The children were experts at making shelters with tables and blankets but had help from KWoA volunteer Norah Mercer, parents and older neighbours to make beautifully decorated boxes and delicious biscuits. Parents and younger siblings were then invited to their “Biscuit Picnic” in the hall where the children built shelters then went inside to open their boxes and eat their biscuits!

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