Wednesday, 2 March 2016

'My Day as a TV Star' Assembly at Stramongate Primary School

Yesterday, there was a very exciting assembly at Stramongate Primary School!

Dougan, Eloise and Edward stood up in front of everyone and spoke about 'My Day as a TV star' when they were filmed by Border TV as part of the KWoA Pride of Place project which has been shortlisted in The People's Project.

"We went to Milnthorpe Primary School to find our all about life at school years ago! We went with Mrs Brayshaw, a lady who works in our school, and we met a man called Tom (he was 92). He told us all about his school days. For example, he had to walk 3.2 miles on his own, every day, just to get to school - sometimes he didn't have shoes. We also learnt that they had very strict teachers who used a cane for punishment, and you would have to wear a Dunce's cap for misbehaving (thankfully it isn't like that now!).

The most surprising part of the day was finding out that they had no computers, no carpet and no interactive board - everything was done using a blackboard. We really enjoyed meeting new people and being on video. They told us to keep the day secret - we didn't even tell our parents! Now we can spread all the information we learnt from others and can't wait to watch it on TV. "

Visit to vote for our Pride of Place project. As well as being online, our The People's Project film will also been shown on Border TV this Friday March 4th!

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